Undergraduate Research

Do something great by conducting original research at one of the nation’s Top 10 Research Institutions! There are many ways to directly experience the excitement of conducting sociological research at Ohio State, including participating in an Independent Study with a faculty member, writing an Honors thesis, or enrolling in the department's proseminar course. Our department has a long history of providing excellent honors opportunities and facilitating students' successful competition for research scholarships and awards.

If you are interested in enrolling in SOCIOL 4998 (undergraduate research with a faculty member), please use the email provided for the specific research project you are interested in and include the below application form. We generally have available positions for Summer Term, Autumn Semester, and Spring Semester.  Please contact David Martinez if you have any other undergraduate research questions.




SOCIOL 4998 Credit Overview:

1 SOCIOL 4998 Credit – 50 total work hours during the academic term
2 SOCIOL 4998 Credits – 100 total work hours during the academic term
3 SOCIOL 4998 Credits – 150 total work hours during the academic term

If you are interested in enrolling in SOCIOL 4999 (Honors thesis), please contact Dr. Doug Downey - Faculty Honors Advisor.  You do not need to be an Honors student to write an Honors thesis.

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