Sociology Graduate Student Association (SGSA)

The Sociology Graduate Student Association, (otherwise known as SGSA), is an organization that provides opportunities for graduate students in sociology at The Ohio State University to get involved outside of the classroom and supplement their knowledge with a diverse set of unique experiences.
Purposes of the Sociology Graduate Student Association (SGSA) at The Ohio State University: 
  1. To promote communication among graduate students and between the students and faculty of the department.  
  2. To promote the development of the intellectual and social interests shared by the graduate students.  
  3. To act as a student advocate group to facilitate an exceptional learning environment for both students and faculty. 

SGSA 1st Meeting

2017-2018 SGSA Officers:

President - Chrisse Edmunds 
Vice President of Research - Laura DeMarco 
Vice President of Grad Student Life - Lauren Gebhardt-Kram 
Vice President of Teaching - Liz Klainot-Hess 
Vice President of Communications and Finance - Lesley Schneider 

Events include monthly meetings, several social activities each semester, working groups, and research training workshops. SGSA also coordinates the new graduate student mentoring program.  
Research Workshops from 2016-2017: SGSA hosts several student-led research workshops on quantitative and qualitative research techniques. These vary by semester and year based on demand and need.
  • Workshops on specific datasets 
  • Basic Stata Usage (data management, merging) 
  • Advanced Stata (macros, loops) 
  • NVivo Training 
  • Excel Training 
Working Groups: Student-led, faculty-supported working groups provide support and instruction to students on a number of topics related to research and teaching,
  • Qualitative Research 
  • Poverty, Inequality, and Economy (SocPIE) 
  • Criminology (co-sponsored with CJRC)
  • NSF Grant Writing Group 
  • Teaching
Other Events: SGSA sponsors non-research workshops and events each semester. These events provide opportunities for social and extracurricular experiences.
  • Graduate Student Happy Hour 
  • Meditation and Relaxation Techniques 
  • Tax Preparation Training 
  • Female Faculty and Graduate Student Happy Hour 
  • Graduate Teaching Workshops
  • Service Projects

SGSA 1st Meeting