Payments to Individuals for Services

  • Payments to non-employees: requests to pay an individual for a service (transcription, subvention, proofreading, indexing, etc.) need to be submitted and approved before work begins.  Requests should be submitted to Workday or Carol Bitzinger with an attached, completed and ink-signed Vendor Set Up Form [PDF].
  • The requisition should also include a quote for the service and dates of when the work will be performed.
  • Payments to employees: requests to compensate employees for work performed outside of their assigned duties should be emailed to Karissa Wess for processing.  If approved, the payment will be included in the employee's paycheck the following month.

Business Cards

Business cards for faculty can be ordered through Uniprint or Marliss McGarvey.  Uniprint orders require a purchase order from Workday and procurement requests submitted through Workday require a quote, so you will need to process both requests (Uniprint and Workday) simultaneously so that you can supply each, Uniprint and Workday, with the information that each requires. The cost of having business cards printed will be charged to the individual's funds.

    Should you have any questions/concerns/need for assistance, please don't hesitate to contact Carol Bitzinger.