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Sociology PhD Program


The graduate program is a rigorous yet flexible PhD curriculum that allows you to specialize in any number of sociology research areas.

Our graduate curriculum is rigorous while also supporting students in planning their own path.

Our curriculum (program overview) is laid out over 5-6 years, but can be adjusted to meet each student’s own time table.

Research Areas

We regularly offer graduate seminars and other training opportunities in a wide variety of substantive areas, such as:

  • Community and Urban Studies
  • Criminology/Criminal Justice
  • Demography (Migration/Immigration, Fertility, Mortality)
  • Education and Work/Labor Markets
  • Family and Children/Youth
  • Political/Social Movements
  • Population Health/Medical Sociology
  • Social/Economic Inequality
    • (eg. Social Stratification, Race and Ethnicity, Gender)

Our many methods courses (quantitative and qualitative) provide you both basic understandings of sociological research methods, and in-depth training in more advanced methods.

Whatever your research interests or methodological orientation, we believe you will find the OSU Department of Sociology an invigorating and collegial place to call your intellectual home as you pursue your PhD. We invite you to become part of our vibrant community!

2022 graduate cohort

The department is home to a diverse group of more than 60 graduate students, who come from across the nation and the world to become the next generation of scholars and educators in the field.

At the core of our successful graduate program is our dedicated and supportive faculty; our faculty/student ratio of 2:1 enables us to continue a long tradition of research collaboration between faculty and students.

Students and faculty collaborate on research presented at regional, national and international conferences and published in the top sociology and specialty journals. 

Additionally, we are proud of the fact that many students coauthor research together, as this attests to the rich intellectual and collaborative culture of our department and the research talents of our graduate students.

Beyond research, most sociologists in academic environments are also dedicated teachers.

Our teacher training program involves coursework and apprenticeships as teaching assistants to faculty members; then advanced graduate students gain valuable experience by teaching their own courses as independent instructors.

In recent years several of our graduate students have won the prestigious Graduate Associate Teaching Award (GATA), Ohio State’s highest recognition for excellence in teaching provided by GTAs.

We also support students aiming for non-academic careers with our career workshops and connections with applied/policy research scholars and organizations.

The Ohio State University is one of the world’s best comprehensive, public research universities.

When you earn a graduate degree from Ohio State, you can be assured that your degree will be recognized nationally and internationally.

Our alumni are an amazing resource for our graduate students, sharing their time, experiences and connections.