On the Job Market (Grad Students and Alumni)


Graduate Students On the Market


Elizabeth Klainot-Hess

(email: klainot-hess.1@osu.edu and website)

Research and Teaching Interests: Work and Occupations, Social Inequality, Labor Movements, Economic Sociology, Education, Social Movements, and Qualitative Methods
Dissertation Title: The Costs of Contingency: Low-Wage Faculty and the Transformation of Higher Education
Advisor: Steve Lopez



Bashir Tofangsazi

(CV [pdf]; email: tofangsazi.1@osu.edu )

Research and Teaching Interests: Research Methods, Statistics, Social Movements, Environmental Sociology, Peace, War, and Social Conflict, Global and Transnational Sociology, Sociology of Religion
Dissertation Title: Contentious Politics in the Contemporary MENA Region
Advisor: Hollie Brehm



Alumni On the Market


Sarah Garver

(Email: sgarver@uchicago.eduwebsite, and LinkedIn website)

Current position: Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Sociology, University of Chicago.
Research and teaching interests:
demography, sexual and reproductive health, family, economic sociology, mixed methods, global health
Dissertation Title: “Uncertainty and Fertility Preferences in Rural Malawi: Planning for Children When the Future is Unknown”


Christopher W. Munn

(email: munn.29@osu.edu and website)

Research and Teaching Interests: Social Capital; Racial Inequality; Diverse Organizations & Networks; Intro to Sociology; Urban Social Problems; Religion; Research Methods
Dissertation Title: Race, Social, Capital and Inequality (Re)Production: The Case of Racially Diverse Religious Organizations 
Advisor: Korie Edwards and Vinnie Roscigno


Michelle Oyakawa

(email: oyakawa.4@osu.edu and website)

Research and Teaching Interests: Social Movements, Race/Ethnicity, Religion, Qualitative Methods.
Dissertation Title: Building a Movement in the "Non-Profit Industrial Complex": Community Organizing in the 21st Century


Matt Soener

(CV [pdf]; email: matthew.soener@sciencespo.fr and website)

Research and Teaching Interests: environmental sociology, race/class/gender
inequality, political economy
Dissertation Title: Financialization in the Long 1990s: A Study on the Causes and Consequences of Financial Power in 37 Countries
Advisor: Steve Lopez