On the Job Market (Grad Students and Alumni)


Graduate Students On the Market

Amelia Li

Email: li.6109@osu.edu
Current CV:

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Research and Teaching Interests: Family, Children and Youth, Medical Sociology, Consequences of Incarceration, Social Demography, Social Stratification, Methods and Statistics
Dissertation Title: The Health and Marital Effects of Multigenerational Residence in the Era of the Sandwich Generation
Advisor: Cynthia G. Colen

Sadé Lindsay

Email: lindsay.131@osu.edu

Research and Teaching Interests: Crime, Law, and Deviance; Race, Class, Gender; Inequality; Prisoner Reentry; Incarceration; Drug Use and Policy
Dissertation Title: Effects of Contradictory Signals on Post-Prison Labor Market Outcomes
Advisor: Mike Vuolo

Laurie Michaels

Email: michaels.90@osu.edu

Research and teaching interests: Work & Organizations, Theory, Stratification, Qualitative Methods, Economic Sociology, Nonstandard Work, Gender
Dissertation Title: In The Driver’s Seat: Power, Inequality, and Control in the Rideshare Industry
Advisor: Steve Lopez

Jonathan Muir

Email: muir.53@osu.edu

Research Interests: As a population health scholar, my research includes the substantive examination of societal shocks as social determinants of health and the development of novel methodological approaches for population estimates in developing countries. To date, published research has examined disasters from environmental hazards and technological innovations as determinants of population health. My dissertation examines armed conflict, famine, and genocide as intergenerational determinants of child health in Cambodia. My research focuses primarily on the regions of Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa and I have extensive experience working with the peoples of Southeast Asia. I am fluent in Thai and Lao and continue to develop my linguistic capabilities in Bahasa Indonesia and Khmer.

Teaching Interests: My teaching to date has primarily focused on data science (data management, statistics, and statistical programming in Stata and R)  and research methods. I would welcome the opportunity to teach specialized courses on child mortality; child and maternal health in developing countries; social determinants of health; research methods in resource limited countries; and armed conflict, war, and health.

Dissertation: Societal Shocks as Social Determinants of Health

Advisor: Samuel J. Clark

Oneya Fennel Okuwobi

Email: okuwobi.1@osu.edu

Research and Teaching Interests: Race, Religion, Organizations, Group Processes, and Qualitative Methods
Dissertation Title: Diversity as Philanthropy: How People of Color Experience Organizational Diversity Initiatives
Advisor: Korie L. Edwards 

Bashir Tofangsazi

Email: tofangsazi.1@osu.edu
CV [pdf]

Research and Teaching Interests: Research Methods, Statistics, Social Movements, Environmental Sociology, Peace, War, and Social Conflict, Global and Transnational Sociology, Sociology of Religion
Dissertation Title: Contentious Politics in the Contemporary MENA Region
Advisor: Hollie Brehm

Alumni On the Market

Sarah Garver

Email: sgarver@uchicago.edu
LinkedIn website

Current position: Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Sociology, University of Chicago.
Research and teaching interests:
demography, sexual and reproductive health, family, economic sociology, mixed methods, global health
Dissertation Title: Uncertainty and Fertility Preferences in Rural Malawi: Planning for Children When the Future is Unknown

Deborwah Faulk

Current position: CFD Postdoctoral Fellow in Sociology and Anthropology, University of Richmond
Dissertation Title: Black Advantaged Families and the College Choice

Elizabeth Klainot-Hess

Email: klainot-hess.1@osu.edu

Research and Teaching Interests: Work and Occupations, Social Inequality, Labor Movements, Economic Sociology, Education, Social Movements, and Qualitative Methods
Dissertation Title: The Costs of Contingency: Low-Wage Faculty and the Transformation of Higher Education
Advisor: Steve Lopez

Christopher W. Munn

Email: munn.29@osu.edu

Research and Teaching Interests: Social Capital; Racial Inequality; Diverse Organizations & Networks; Intro to Sociology; Urban Social Problems; Religion; Research Methods
Dissertation Title: Race, Social, Capital and Inequality (Re)Production: The Case of Racially Diverse Religious Organizations 
Advisor: Korie Edwards and Vinnie Roscigno


Michelle Oyakawa

Email: oyakawa.4@osu.edu

Research and Teaching Interests: Social Movements, Race/Ethnicity, Religion, Qualitative Methods.
Dissertation Title: Building a Movement in the "Non-Profit Industrial Complex": Community Organizing in the 21st Century