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Graduate Study

What types of graduate programs do Sociology and Criminology majors attend?

Our students attend all varieties of programs, including both Masters and PhD programs.  Our graduates go to graduate school for Sociology and Criminology as well as to graduate programs in Public Health, Social Work, Public Policy, Business, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Educational Counseling – among other programs. 

How do I find programs?

OSU's PhD Program Information
US News and World Report Rankings Rankings Graduate Schools directory
Diverse Issues in Higher Education

Condensed Timetable

Spring/Summer before senior year:

  • Consider doing one of the research options (4998 or 4999) to complete all or part of your Integrated Elective; 
  • Draft personal statement of academic/personal goals;
  • Explore graduate programs;
  • Contact programs that interest you and ask for more information;
  • Review for the GRE (

Early Fall of senior year:

  • Share personal statements with professors;
  • Discuss possible programs with advisors/professors;
  • Register for the GRE;
  • Take the GRE;
  • Edit/Revise personal statement;
  • Order transcripts;
  • Ask faculty for letters of recommendation;
  • Apply to programs.

Winter of senior year:

  • Ensure applications received;
  • Visit prospective programs;
  • Submit FAFSA;
  • Accept or decline admission offers.

GRE Tips

Register at or call 1-800-GRE-CALL (1-800-473-2255)

Personal Statement Tips

Beyond persuasively demonstrating that you are a strong student and an outstanding person, your statement should:
• Show that you have a strong vision of what you want to study/research in graduate school;
• Show familiarity with the program to which you are applying (Are there faculty doing research in an area of interest to you?  Is there particular training or course sequencing that appeals to you?);
• Assure that you will both complete and be successful in the program.


Law School

Ohio State Arts and Sciences resources

Ohio State's Pre-law Services

Sociology and Criminology majors can seek pre-law advising with Kevin Freeman by calling (614) 292-6961 for an appointment.

To be added to the Pre-Law Listserv, please meet with an academic advisor and ask to add "LAW-PRO" as an academic plan to your record in the Student Information System.