SOC 3191

Internship Program in Sociology and Criminology

Students may enroll in SOC 3191 if they have a paid or non-paid career-related internship, or part-time position. 

Once you have secured an internship, you need to enroll in SOC 3191, “Sociology Internship & Professional Practice Program” by filling out an SOC 3191 enrollment form.pdf. Once received by Sociology advising, they will register you for the course. You cannot register yourself for the course. This is an on-line course required for you to receive credit.

Contact Cecilia Johnson with any questions.

Academic Guidelines & Program Overview

Students can earn between 1–3 credits (these credits count as ASC upper-division elective credits).
Interns are required to work a minimum of fifty (50) hours for each one (1) credit hour.

SOC 3191 Credit Overview:
1 SOC 3191 Credit: 50 total work hours during the academic term
2 SOC 3191Credits: 100 total work hours during the academic term
3 SOC 3191 Credits: 150 total work hours during the academic term

Course Objectives:

Internship credit (SOC 3191) is granted for the quality of academic assignments completed.
Sample SOC 3191 assignments include:
Internship Objectives & Expectations; Internship Activity Report
Internship Agreement
Grading Information

SOC 3191 is repeatable to a maximum of 9 hours and is graded S/U (satisfactory/unsatisfactory). All assignments must be completed and turned in on or before their due dates to receive a passing grade. A passing grade is also determined by the quality of assignments completed.  Late assignments will not be accepted.