Resources on Mental Health and Wellness

For situations involving a person in severe distress, call 911 or see the emergency assistance decision tree on this website for where to find immediate help:


OSU Resources:

            Counseling and Consultation Service:

o   Call 614-292-5766 to schedule a consultation (in an after-hours crisis, select option 2)

o   Individual consultations often have a waitlist. There are support groups and workshops that can be accessed on a drop-in basis (see website).

o   For Faculty and Staff:

RUOK? Buckeyes Suicide Prevention Program:  Click here for details.

·           OSU Student Insurance Health Services:   Click here for benefit details.

o   Links to providers (including mental health):

Smart Lab:

 o   Visit their web site to schedule an appointment.  Click here for more information.

Student Advocacy Center (confidential resource):

 o   Call 614-292-1111 with questions and/or to schedule an appointment.

·           Student Legal Services:

o   Call 614.247.5853 with questions and/or to schedule an appointment.

             Dennis Learning Center :        

             o   Call 614.688-4011 with questions and/or to schedule an appointment.

             Disability Services:   

·           Graduate School (useful resources):   Click here for details.

·           Student Wellness Office:

·           Multicultural Center:

·           OUAB Grad/Professional:


Additional Resources:

·         National Suicide Prevention 24/7 Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

·         Franklin County Suicide Prevention Coalition 24/7 Hotline: 614-221-5445

·         Mental Health in Grad School (Blog with links to other articles and resources)

·         New Insights on What Psychologically Rattles Graduate Students

·         Ph.D. students face significant mental health challenges

·         The Stressed-Out Postdoc