Department Policy and Governance

For convenience, here is a list of documents and policies that are frequently used by faculty, graduate students, and staff.

SP 2024 Department Calendar

Departmental Policy Documents:

Appointments, Promotion & Tenure: Criteria and Procedures for the Sociology Department

Pattern of Administration for the Sociology Department

College of Arts and Sciences Resources and Contacts:

College of Arts and Sciences Intranet

Arts and Sciences Leadership

Each faculty member, staff member and graduate student has a profile page (People page) in the Sociology Department Directory

If you need to add a photo or change your profile:

  • If you would like to have a profile photo on your People page, upload your photo to OpicThat image will automatically populate on your People page.
  • Email Jamie Fowle with any changes you'd like to make to your profile.
  • If your role in the department changes (e.g., you were a GTA and are now Associated Faculty), please check your profile page for errors and outdated information and send updates to

Need assistance from a staff member, but not sure who to ask? Check out this document to find out who can help: Whom do I ask?

Committee of Eligible Faculty

Computer/Laboratory and Website Updates

Development Committee

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Executive Committee

Faculty Hiring

Graduate Placement

Graduate Studies

Instructional Development 

Research and Awards

Faculty Annual Review Committee

Undergraduate Studies and Grade Grievance

Form/Huber Colloquia Series

Community Events


Submit yours or others accomplishments to be shared with the department via the Friday News Submission Form

Need something printed for your class?

Our student staff in the Main Office are able to assist with the printing needs of the department Monday through Friday. Please email them the document or drop off the physical copy to the front desk, including instructions on your print job in the email to Please provide at least 24 hours' notice since we do not have constant student staff.