Honors Program

Doug Downey

Welcome to the Honors Program in the Department of Sociology. I invite you to experience the excitement of our discipline by planning challenging coursework (honors contract) or by becoming involved with research (honors thesis or research with a faculty member). The department has a long history of providing excellent honors opportunities and facilitating students' successful competition for research scholarships and awards. I hope you will contact me to learn more about Honors in the Department of Sociology.

Dr. Doug Downey Professor and Honors Coordinator



Pictured below is the 2016-17 class of Alpha Kappa Delta, the Sociology Honors Fraternity.

The class of 2016-2017 sociology honors fraternity, AKD (L to R) Ian Kovacs, Brittany Lally, Liza Faulkner, Paige Wilt, Kia Hutchens, and Veronica Groebner

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