Honors Program

Welcome to the Honors Program in the Department of Sociology. I invite you to experience the excitement of our discipline by planning challenging coursework (honors contract) or by becoming involved with research (honors thesis or research with a faculty member). The department has a long history of providing excellent honors opportunities and facilitating students' successful competition for research scholarships and awards. I hope you will contact me to learn more about Honors in the Department of Sociology.

Dr. Andrew  Martin 
Professor and Honors Coordinator      

Andrew Martin

Hear what students have to say about writing an Honors thesis:

Pictured below is the 2016-17 class of Alpha Kappa Delta, the Sociology Honors Fraternity.

The class of 2016-2017 sociology honors fraternity, AKD (L to R) Ian Kovacs, Brittany Lally, Liza Faulkner, Paige Wilt, Kia Hutchens, and Veronica Groebner

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