Summer Semester Research Positions


Please complete a research application and choose one of the research positions listed below (research applications available on the Undergraduate Research link or in Townshend Hall 141).  Please return your completed applications to the contact person listed for the project via email.

Below are the research projects that are available for students to work on for SOCIOL 4998 credit Summer Term 2020.  SOCIOL 4998 is one of the options that students can use to fulfill the major Experiential Learning Requirement - PLEASE NOTE, you may only count 3 hours total of internship or research credit towards the major.  Also, remember that research experience is especially important if you are planning on applying to graduate school!

Please read the requirements for each project carefully, as some require either specific coursework or specific GPA.

Amish Directory Data/ Dr. Elizabeth Cooksey
Email application to

The recent Amish Mennonite Directory data need to be entered into a spread sheet so that demographic fertility and marriage patterns can be compared with those of the Old Order Amish from whom they have split.  This project involves entering the Amish directory data into Stata/Excel.  One or multiple students may be hired.  A prior student ended up doing an honors thesis as a result of this experience.

No special classes or statistical skills required except that the research assistants must be able to pay close attention to details.  A good major or cumulative GPA is preferred.

The Costs of Diversity: How Employees of Color Experience Organizational Diversity Policies and Procedures
Email application to Oneya Okuwobi, 

This is a qualitative research project that focuses on the experiences of employees of color in diverse churches, universities, and workplaces. Student research assistants will help with qualitative data coding. Students interested in race, inequality, higher education, or organizational processes are encouraged to apply. I am seeking 1-2 students.

Student must have a cumulative GPA over 3.0. Completion of a research methods course is preferred but not required. Faculty Advisor: Dr. Korie Edwards.

Prison Credentials, Race, and Post-Incarceration Employment: A Mixed Methods Study
Email application to Sadé Lindsay,

This is a mixed methods project that seeks to understand the relationship between in-prison job credentialing, race, and post-release employment among formerly incarcerated men. Student research assistants will help with quantitative and qualitative data collection. Students interested broadly in incarceration, stratification and inequality, employment, or learning more about field experiments and qualitative methods are encouraged to apply. I am seeking approximately five students.

Student must have a cumulative GPA over 3.0 and register for 1 to 3 research credit hours. Completion of a research methods and statistics course is preferred.

Lingering Questions: Health in Ohio and the role of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
Email application to Christina Bijou,, and Coralia Balasca,

This is a quantitative research project focusing on various health outcomes in Ohio. The goal of this project is to examine racial differences in self-reported health and delay in needed treatment among Ohio residents. Furthermore, we are interested in the role that Non-Governmental Organizations (i.e. non-profit organizations) may play in shaping health outcomes throughout Ohio. Research assistants will help identify and classify NGOs in Ohio and will gain experience working with quantitative data, as well as conducting online research, and information seeking phone calls during their time on the project. This is a great opportunity for students interested in health, racial/ethnic inequality, and/or community organizations.

We are looking for multiple research assistants. Familiarity with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word is required. Students must have a GPA of at least 2.5. Non-majors are welcome to apply. Research assistants must be comfortable with online research and making phone calls when necessary.

Police Violence: A Shift toward Impacts on Black Women
Email application to graduate students Laura Frizzell,, and Sadé Lindsay,

The goal of this research project is to understand the impact of police violence on Black women. We are particularly interested in how the media saturation of images/videos portraying violence against Black bodies impacts Black women, as well as Black women’s direct and indirect experiences with police violence. The researchers will collect approximately 120 interviews of Black women, and we need undergraduate assistants to help with transcription and analysis of these interviews.

GPA of 3.0 or higher and completion of a research methods course are preferred, but we will consider all applications. We highly encourage those students to apply who are interested in race, gender, police violence, and/or qualitative methods. Non-majors are welcome, and students can sign up for 1 to 3 credit hours as they choose.

LGBTQ Family Ties Project/Dr. Rin Reczek
Email application to Dr. Reczek,, and graduate student Emma Bosley-Smith,

The Ohio Family Ties Study has gathered interviews of LGBTQ young adults in Ohio. These interviews are now being used to write several papers and working towards a book project. Undergraduate Research Assistants working on this project will help with literature reviews, searching and cataloging relevant citations, and otherwise assist in the research process.

One student is needed to work on this project. The student's GPA should be above 3.0 and the student should have taken Research Methods. We highly encourage those students to apply who are interested in sexuality, gender, and/or qualitative methods.

LGBTQ Finances Study
Email application to Emma Bosley-Smith at

The LGBTQ Finances Study is in the process of gathering interviews on LGBTQ young adults and their finances. These interviews will need to be organized, stored, and prepared for transcription. Undergraduate Research Assistants working on this project will help with recruitment of research participants (flyers, a table at PRIDE, etc.), will help summarize interviews after each are completed, and will otherwise assist in the research process.

1-3 students will be needed to work on this project. The student's GPA should be above 3.0 and the student should have taken research methods. We encourage students interested in class, sexuality, gender, and/or qualitative methods to apply.

Definitions and Enactment of Quality Time: An Intersectional Look at Parenting
Email application to Chloe Dunston,

My qualitative thesis is titled "Definitions and Enactment of Quality Time: An Intersectional Look at Parenting" and explores connections between the emotional aspects of parenting and social identity. Broadly, I'll explore whether lived experiences at the intersections of race, class and gender impact the ways in which parents desire, and are able, to connect emotionally with their children through 'quality time'. Specifically, interviews will answer:

1. How do parents define quality time in ways connected to social dynamics?
2. How do social dynamics facilitate or inhibit achievement of these ideals?

This work will expand upon previous research by looking more closely at the emotional content of quality time and the external dynamics that impact the emotional life of the family.

My goal is to conduct a minimum of 30 interviews and I would need assistance only with transcription. One credit hour is likely appropriate and the student wouldn't need any sort of advanced course completion. Rachel or myself can be contacted at or