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My research focuses on the health of populations. I have tested and will continue to test hypotheses about the causes of health and mortality, to evaluate and apply statistical methods for testing those hypotheses, to consider the data requirements for using those methods, and to use empirical analysis to evaluate the demographic, sociological, epidemiological and biological utility of various theories and conceptualizations of health and mortality. 

My work encompasses three interconnected areas: social and policy determinants of health and dynamics of health disparities; population heterogeneity and dynamics of obesity, aging and mortality; medical expansion and population health. In the first area, I investigate the impacts of macro, meso, and micro social and policy factors on health, and how these factors interact and shape the trend in health disparities. For example, I have investigated health consequences of income inequality; marital differences in health reporting and mortality; the role of selection vs. causation in the health process; health consequence of one-child policy and unbalanced sex ratio at maturity; the interplay of social changes, epidemiological transition, life course, cohort replacement, and population dynamics on the trends in health / mortality disparities. In the second area, I have investigated heterogeneity in the life course of obesity and its effect on mortality; population heterogeneity and temporal trends (age, period, cohort) in mortality and life span; the role of cohort evolution and mortality selection in the trend of demographic and biological aging. In the third area, I have investigated the process of medical expansion and its impact on population health, perception of health, and confidence in medicine​.

​My ongoing work addresses (1) the effect of selection bias and unobserved heterogeneity in the process of health production, the trends of aging, obesity, health disparities and life expectancy;  (2) the role of cohort forces in life course of health and mortality pattern; (3) the recent trend in mortality and health disparities in the U.S; (4) the effect of sex ratio and marriage market on health; (5) the effect of medical expansion on population health; and (6) workplace and health.

Areas of Expertise
  • Health & Medical
  • Population
  • Methodology
  • Ph.D., Duke University, 2011

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