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Autumn Semester 2024 Research Positions

Please complete a research application and choose one of the research positions listed below (research applications available on the Undergraduate Research link or in Townshend Hall 141).  Please return your completed applications to the contact person listed for the project via email.

Below are the research projects that are available for students to work on for SOCIOL 4998 credit Autumn Semester 2024.  SOCIOL 4998 is one of the options that students can use to fulfill the major Experiential Learning Requirement - PLEASE NOTE, you may only count 3 hours total of research credit towards the SOCIOL-BA and CRIMINO-BA majors and 6 hours total of research credit towards the SOCIOL-BS major.  Also, remember that research experience is especially important if you are planning on applying to graduate school!

Please read the requirements for each project carefully, as some require either specific coursework or specific GPA.

(Il)legitimacy in Contemporary US Politics
E-mail application to Dr. Eric Schoon at schoon.1@osu.edu

From baseless accusations of widespread conspiracy to documented cases of voter suppression, questions about the legitimacy of US elections have grown increasingly common over the past decade. Part of a larger book project, the purpose of this research is to analyze accounts claiming that the November 2020 US election was illegitimate. The analysis will explore how these accounts are framed and how (il)legitimacy is defined. Students will participate in collection and analysis of news and social media data.

Completion of a course on sociological research methods is strongly preferred. 1-3 students needed.

Queerying Columbus: Space and Place among LGBTQ Residents
E-mail application to Mo Woods at woods.858@osu.edu 

Columbus, OH has been increasingly recognized as an (unlikely) queer destination. While the city has long been a “hidden gem” in the Midwest, it has been gaining prominence as it became a smart city and its potential to be a “great city” is increasingly recognized. Despite this increasing prominence, Columbus is still underrepresented in (queer) urban sociology. This qualitative dissertation study seeks to understand queer communities, spaces, and experiences of Columbus and whether and how the city is welcoming or hostile to these queer communities.

I am looking for 2-3 students. Students assisting me with this project with help with transcribing and anonymizing interviews. We will have brief check-ins via Zoom as needed but you are otherwise free to complete transcriptions on your own schedule as long as the work is done before the end of the term.

Students should have at least a 3.0 GPA, have completed a course on sociological research methods (or research methods in a related social science), and ideally have some experience working with qualitative interview data. Interest in LGBTQ communities and the city of Columbus is strongly recommended. Interested students should email Mo Woods (woods.858@osu.edu) with the following information: (1) your major and expected graduation date, (2) your GPA, and (3) a brief 200-word statement about your interest in this project.

From Bars to Barriers
Email Application to Marquianna Griffin at griffin795@osu.edu

Incarceration adversely affects the physical and mental health of formerly incarcerated adults. The challenges of reintegration into society can be overwhelming and contribute to ongoing mental health struggles. Using in-depth semi-structured interviews, this project will investigate how formerly incarcerated people navigate the challenges that impact their mental health post-incarceration. It will also assess whether racial differences emerge with respect to mental health management post-incarceration, and if the life course stage during the timing of reentry is consequential.

Interested students should have at least a 3.0 GPA, an interest in criminology and have completed a research methods course. Please contact Marquianna Griffin at griffin.795@osu.edu with your resume and a brief explanation describing your interest in this project.

How Hip-hop has Addressed Health, 2012- 2022
Email application to Kyra Rost at rost.30@osu.edu

This project will examine how Hip-hop can be a source of information for health care professionals and policy makers to understand Black American health. This will be a mixed methods project that leans mainly on qualitative methods with some statistical analysis. Specifically, this project will involve analyzing 1,000 hip-hop songs from 2012-2022 using NVIVO, running basic statistical demographic characteristics of artist and songs, and creating analytical memos using music videos.

Students should have received a passing grade in the appropriate research methods course in their discipline and be in good academic standing with the university. Those interested in media, mental health, Hip-hop culture, social determinates of health, and general health should consider applying, although this is not a requirement. I hope to have 2-3 undergraduate students to help with this project. Please reach out to me via email rost.30@osu.edu to answer the following a) introduce yourself- major, year, interest b)why you are interested in being a part of this project and c) any goals or things you would like to gain from working with me on this project.