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Michael Vuolo

Michael Vuolo

Michael Vuolo



614 292-3646

Townshend Hall 109
1885 Neil Avenue Mall
Columbus OH

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Areas of Expertise

  • Crime, Deviance, & Social Control
  • Health & Medical
  • Methodology

Michael Vuolo CV 

My research focuses on three main areas. First, sitting at the intersection of crime, law, and deviance and health is research on substance use, including the efficacy of drug policy, the influence of subcultural affiliation, and intergenerational substance use. Second, I also do additional work within criminology on the effect of criminal records on employability, as well as prisoner mental health. Third, I also conduct research in the sociology of work and education, such as how particular pathways through education to careers and the recent recession affect employment outcomes, including unemployment, wages, and work quality. In addition to these substantive interests, methodological development is central to my research agenda, including developing new methods and improving existing ones. See my personal website for more information – http://u.osu.edu/vuolo.2/

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