Key reminders for University Travel Policy:

1. Travel Fund Allocations

a) The Department of Sociology will allow each Sociology tenure-track faculty member a total of $2,500.00 to utilize between July 1 and June 30 in support of conferences and meetings where the individual is engaging in professional work at regional, national and international levels by presenting a paper within the United States or abroad. Travel to conferences and meetings where the faculty member is engaging in professional work at regional, national and international levels by either presenting a paper or chairing a panel within the United States or abroad. Travel to appropriate libraries, archives and field sites for the purposes of professional research, both in the United States and abroad, is also permitted under this program. There is no rollover of any fund balances across fiscal years. The individual must send all trip details, including itemized estimates, via email to Karissa Wess at at least two weeks in advance of the trip departure date. Individuals must follow the travel and purchasing procedures to utilize any funding.

For travel that crosses over fiscal years:  Funds do not carry over from one fiscal year to the next; travel that begins after July 1 must be reimbursed from that fiscal year’s allocation.  It is possible, however, to prepay certain expenses (before June 30th) for travel in the following fiscal year from current year funds, when those funds are still available to you. For travel that begins in the preceding fiscal year but ends in the following fiscal year, reimbursements will be processed from the following year’s funds after July 1, provided that a T-number is acquired beforehand. Check with Karissa prior to making any travel arrangement that crosses fiscal years.

b) Graduate Students Travel: The Department of Sociology will allow each graduate student a total of $1000 to utilize between July 1-June 30 where a student is presenting research at a conference.

2. Provide the estimated expense details and any other supporting documentation (i.e. conference website, proof of conference acceptance, meeting invitation, etc.) to Karissa at least 2 weeks before planned travel departure to ensure T# approval.

a.  All required information is included on the Sociology Department Pre-Trip Worksheet.pdf, which may be useful to reference to ensure all details are provided promptly.

b.  Be aware that grant sponsored travel has some additional requirements. Information regarding grant sponsored travel can be found here:

3.  If you would prefer to have your flight prepaid by the department for a conference, please reference the How To Book Your Airfare using Concur document. there are a few steps that need to be taken now.

a. NOTE: No first class flights are never permitted. Business class flights are only permitted if flight time (excluding layovers) exceeds 5 hours and there is sufficient budget available. Economy class flights should be the default selection. Delta, United Airlines, and American Airlines offer Basic Economy, however, it is not recommended to purchase this fare due to the significant restrictions.

  • 4.  When combining vacation in conjunction with business travel, airfare and lodging comparisons are required to show the cost associated with the business travel only. Reasonable travel dates are considered the day before and day after conference/meeting for domestic trips and up to 2 days before and after conference/meeting for international trips. The university may only reimburse the less expensive optionIt is possible to use Concur with vacation/personal time but the following steps must be taken! The airfare must be split where there is a cost difference OR if it is cheaper with the personal time added.  It all needs to be thoroughly documented prior to the pre-pay purchase with comparisons (business only time/location vs personal) from the agent/CTP/Concur and comments to eliminate the air of impropriety.  CTP can assist with identifying cost variations AND split the payment method between the OSU travel “ghost” credit card and a personal credit card if the personal time makes the ticket more expensive.  Departments need to use a Full Service Agent in CTP to do this.


5.  Driving vs. Flying

a.  When considering driving instead of flying, a mileage vs. airfare comparison will be necessary to show the cost difference. You will be eligible to be reimbursed for cost of the least expensive option. Please keep in mind that the current mileage rate is $.545/mile as of January 1, 2018.


6. Lodging Limitations

a.  Conference lodging: When attending a conference, please obtain the conference rate when there is one available. When the rate fluctuates between single/double/triple, only the single rate should be chosen unless the other people sharing the room are of OSU affiliation and traveling on OSU business.

b.  Non-conference lodging: If you are unable to get the conference rate, or are traveling for research or a meeting where there is no conference hotel, refer to the federal lodging rate for the month of travel and use that amount as the guideline. If the nightly rate at the hotel is equal to or up to 1.4 times of the federal lodging rate, no additional justification or comparisons are needed. However, if the hotel is 1.5 to 2 times greater than the federal lodging rate, justification for choosing that hotel and comparisons of other hotels in the area would be needed. Any rate higher than 2 times the federal per diem rate is considered excessive and is not guaranteed to be reimbursed.


7. Approved Vendors for vehicle rentals are Enterprise and National – For more information and policy summary: Rental Car Discounts

a.  Enterprise Contract# XZ38Y09 PIN: OHI

i.  Phone Reservations: 1-800-261-7331   

b.  National Contract # XZ38Y09 PIN: OHI

i.  Phone Reservations: 1-877-222-9058

c.  Travelers should be reminded to not purchase any additional insurance coverage, specifically PAI or RAP, as they are not reimbursable per travel policy. OSU Contracts include required coverage of LDW, DW, and Liability insurance.

d.  When rental cars are booked internationally, the required insurance coverage is often not included even if we use an OSU-preferred agency under our contracted rate. Travelers need to add that coverage when they physically pick up the car to make sure it’s added (even for rentals reserved on Concur).


8. Submit PDF icon Post-Trip Worksheet and original, itemized receipt to the Travel Fiscal Associate for reimbursement processing as soon as possible following your trip. There is only a 90 day window for reimbursements to be processed following a trip, so do not delay! If you were granted a cash advance there is only a 30 day window for reimbursement.


9. All guest travel should be submitted to Karissa as soon as the guest has accepted our invitation to visit campus. Please have the traveler complete the travel pre-trip form and a vendor completed and ink-signed Vendor Set-Up Form in order the process the travel request. Please note that guest travel requests may not be processed for up to two weeks during busier times of the year. If the guest will need an honorarium please let Karissa know at the time of setting up the travel request.