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January 10, 2022

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Drs. Paul Bellair, Vinnie Roscigno, McNulty (University of Georgia), and Lei (University of Georgia), were awarded the best paper of the year award from the American Criminal Justice Science (ACJS) association. ACJS is one of the top criminology associations along with ASC. You can read the full article here, you will need to log in with your User Name and OSU password. An excerpt from the award email is below from the chair of the ACJS Donal Macnamara Award Committee, Dr. Charles Crawford.

“As chair of the ACJS Donal Macnamara Award Committee it is my pleasure to inform you all that your co-authored paper Childhood Material Hardship and Externalizing Behavior in JUSTICE QUARTERLY 2021, VOL. 38, NO. 3, 454–478  was selected by the committee as the recipient of the 2022 award… Childhood Material Hardship and Externalizing Behavior is a top-notch article and contribution.”

Dr. Chris Knoester had his new sports and society research on women’s sports consumption and fandom highlighted by OSU News, his work on multiculturalist and antiracist challenges in sport via team names/mascots/hijabs profiled by an unaffiliated scholar in Contexts, and was quoted by a prominent sports writer in remarking on college football athletes skipping Bowl games. 

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