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June 16, 2021

Weekly News

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  • Faculty member Lauren Valentino was recently awarded a grant from the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race & Ethnicity for her research project, “(Mis)Perceptions of Race and Gender Wealth Gaps.”  This project is a collaboration with Nicole Yadon, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Ohio State.
    • Lauren also recently published an article in Poetics entitled “Cultural Logics: Toward Theory and Measurement” (link here).
  • Faculty member Cindy Colen has been elected Chair-Elect of the ASA Medical Sociology section. Rin Rezcek will serve as Chair of the section from 2021-2022 at which point Cindy will take over. 
  • Former OSU Soc grad student and now Ball State University professor Dr. Richard Petts was identified and had his research on paternity leave highlighted, in testimony to the House Ways & Means committee about the need for paid family and medical leave. The highlighted research was in collaboration with our own Chris Knoester.
  • Oneya Okuwobi (PhD 2021) announced she’ll be joining the Religion and Public Life Program at Rice University as a post-doc fellow. Twitter



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