Two Ohio State Sociology Graduate Program Alumni Featured in JMF

June 14, 2018

Two recent OSU sociology PhD alumni have articles in the most recent issue of the Journal of Marriage and Family, the leading journal for social science research on family. 

Yue Qian (PhD 2016, now an assistant professor at the University of British Columbia) is the author of “Educational Assortative Mating and Income Dynamics in Couples: A Longitudinal Dyadic Perspective.” Qian shows that women’s income trajectories, but not men’s, vary depending on whether they have more education than their spouse. 

Dmitry Tumin (PhD 2015, now assistant research professor in the College of Medicine at OSU) wrote “Do the Health Benefits of Marriage Depend on the Likelihood of Marriage?” with OSU sociology faculty member Hui Zheng. Tumin finds that men, but not women, experience greater benefits of marriage when they have characteristics that make them more likely to marry. 

Both articles grew out of dissertation research the authors conducted at OSU. The articles appear in the Journal of Marriage and Family, volume 80, issue 3, published in June 2018 (