Social Science Business Collaborative Class in the Community

March 29, 2017
Sociology 4000S
The Social Science Business Collaborative Class engages student in Columbus’s local food economy, primarily through community gardens.  With the support and dedication of Doug Brownfield of Lowes, students have an opportunity to work with various organizations in the community committed to making a difference in people’s lives through food.  These organizations, including the Columbus Land Bank, City of Columbus Public Health, Highland Youth Garden, St. Stephens, and the Hardy Center, all connect with students through the tireless energy of Doug Brownfield.  Students, along with these community partners, engage in a variety of different projects, from examining sustainability in community gardens to identifying ways to improve childhood nutrition. The class is taught by Lindsey Chamberlain, Assistant Director of the Honors and Scholars Center and Dr. Andrew Martin, Sociology Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Sociology Department.