Professor Chris Browning Publishes First Study Using Smartphone Data to Track where Youth Spend Time

August 23, 2017
Chris Browning

Christopher Browning, professor of sociology, is lead author of the first study to use smartphone data to track a large, diverse sample of young people to determine where they spend their time. The study found that adolescents in neighborhoods perceived as unsafe by residents, adolescents aged 11 to 17 spent over an hour less each day on average in their neighborhoods if residents there were very fearful, compared to their peers from neighborhoods perceived as safer. The preliminary data come from the Adolescent Health and Development in Context study, which Browning leads. Browning co-authored the study with Catherine Calder (statistics), Bethany Boettner (IPR) and Anna Smith (Columbia University). U.S. News and World Report also published an article about the research completed by the team Christopher led. Read more about his experience and study here.