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The OSU Network

Computing at OSU
OSU Site-Licensed software for download


Printing single-sided on the SRL's LaserA and LaserB [pdf]
Printing single-sided on the LaserJet in Townshend 202 [pdf]
Printing duplex (two-sided) on the Phaser 8200 in the SRL [pdf]
Dealing with the 'imagemask' error when printing from JStor, etc.

Access from Home/Afar

Connecting to OSU Library Resources (JStor, etc.) from home.

Department Web Help

Image Formats on the Web
Creating accessible PDFs [pdf]

Virtual Legality and Copyright

Rights of Authors in Major Sociology Journals [pdf]
US Copyright Office, Fair Use
UMinn Copyright Information

Computing Policies

OSU Computing Policies

Analysis Software

Using N6 first-time setup [pdf]
Using the R-Commander frontend to R [pdf]
Using SPSS
Converting data files using Stat/Transfer

Dealing with Data

Guide to ICPSR (PDF)

Using the Lab's Hardware-for-Loan

Using the SRL's digital voice recorders [pdf]
Using the SRL's analog audio recorders [pdf]
Using the SRL's foot pedal transcribers [pdf]

Teaching Help

OSU Classroom support
Use rosters with Excel to record and calculate grades
Getting Started With Carmen

General Software Tips and Tools

Tip Sheets for Common Applications (login required)
Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts [pdf]
Using the Psi instant messaging client

Document Templates

'Department of Sociology' design letterhead, Microsoft Word (MS Word)
 MS Office Templates

Word Processing

Office 2007 deployment guide for OSU Sociology
 Formatting Tips for Word and WordPerfect
 Printing multiple copies in Word 2000
 Inserting International Characters in a document
 Adding Western characters
 Inserting a page number on a Landscaped Page
 How to Decimal align Columns in a Word table [pdf]
 Using ProCite
 MS Office Templates

Microsoft Excel

Importing Text Files into Excel
Inserting Excel Spreadsheets into Word [pdf]
Sorting Data in Excel (PDF)


Converting a Word Document to PDF [pdf]

Scanning Text and Images

Scanning images with Photoshop [pdf]
Scanning one or more pages to a PDF with Adobe Acrobat ([pdf]

Obtaining Software

OSU Site-Licensed Software: Eudora, Textpad, SpyBot, VirusScan
OSU - Microsoft agreement

Disposing of used (personally-owned) computers

Free Geek Columbus: Computer recycling and outreach
The problem with e-waste


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