Proseminar course (SOC 4000S/E)



Sociology 4000S/E is a course that links high-achieving students with local businesses to address a service-based goal through research, culminating in a written report presented both to business leaders and academically.   The Sociology department is uniquely situated to host this course because this discipline combines research techniques with a broader understanding of the social world and group dynamics. 

You will have:

  • Opportunities to collaborate with local businesses on a service-based project
  • Hands-on experiences in local industry
  • Access to iPads to facilitate your work
  • Opportunities to market and apply your classroom skills in an applied setting
  • Opportunities to work in small teams and have leadership roles
  • Opportunities to present your work both academically and in a business setting
  • Support for publishing research in scholarly journals
  • Support for creating an academic poster
  • Class time to work on research and get feedback from your peers

This course fulfills one requirement for Sociology and Criminology majors:

3 credit hours may count to fulfill the Integrated Elective requirement
3 credit hours count as a major elective

Sociology/Criminology majors can take an additional semester of this course and count it as a GE "open option" course.

Non-Sociology/Criminology majors may count this course as a GE "open option" course.

For questions, contact Dr. Andrew Martin .