Political Sociology and Social Movements

One stream of research in political sociology at Ohio State is comparative, examining a range of topics that includes the determinants of civil unrest and terrorism, the development of international criminal law in post-conflict nations, and technology diffusion. Another body of research focuses on U.S. society, and much of this work draws on social movements theory and methods (quantitative and qualitative, including ethnography and content analysis). Among the topics investigated are labor union mobilization and unrest, public-order disturbances on college campuses, and the environmental movement. Research on community capacity-building considers how community practices shape civic engagement, religious life, and health. Other research adopts a political economy perspective to study issues such as labor relations, criminal justice outcomes (e.g. the incidence of capital punishment), and the gender composition of legislative bodies.


Ed Crenshaw, Associate Professor
Steven Lopez, Associate Professor
Andrew Martin, Professor
Townsand Price-Spratlen, Associate Professor
Vincent Roscigno, Professor
Eric Schoon, Assistant Professor