Leslie MacColman

Leslie MacColman

Leslie MacColman

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201 Townshend Hall
1885 Neil Ave
Columbus, OH 43210

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Areas of Expertise

  • Political Sociology
  • Culture & Development
  • Corruption, Violence & Policing
  • Latin America
  • Mixed Methods Research


Leslie MacColman is a Postdoctoral Scholar (2020-2021) in Sociology at The Ohio State University. She holds a joint PhD in Sociology & Peace Studies from the University of Notre Dame, an MA in International Relations from the Universidad del Salvador, and a BA in Anthropology from the University of Montana – Missoula. Leslie’s research examines the relationship between democratic politics, violence, and informal/illicit markets, with special attention to how people make sense of these phenomena in light of their social position. She has done work in several Latin American countries, including Argentina, Uruguay, and Honduras, with funding from organizations such as USAID and Fulbright-Hayes. This research has looked at: (1) the impacts of participatory development projects on fear of crime in gang-affected neighborhoods; (2) the factors that shape public evaluations of police use of force; and (3) the ways in which police reform can simultaneously enhance and erode police legitimacy in contexts of extreme socio-spatial inequality. Leslie is currently teaching and working on a book manuscript about police reform in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

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