Occupations and Work

Faculty at Ohio State are leading scholars of the sociology of occupations and work. Research relying heavily on ethnography and other qualitative methods has drawn a rich portrait of the quality and meaning of work life. Occupations of increasing importance in U.S. society, such as care-work in nursing homes, are examined in this research. Several faculty have studied labor union activity, including research that applies social movement theory and research that applies a political economy perspective. Service sector union organizing in particular has been the subject of some of this research. Workplace discrimination according to race, sex, and age has been examined, and workplace bullying and abuse as well. Another stream of research has drawn on quantitative evidence to investigate trends in occupational structure in the U.S., documenting the hollowing-out of the occupational structure as the prevalence of middle-wage jobs grows more slowly than the prevalence of upper- and lower-wage jobs.


Rachel Dwyer, Associate Professor
Steven Lopez, Associate Professor
Andrew Martin, Professor
Natasha Quadlin, Assistant Professor
Vincent Roscigno, Professor