On the Job Market


Paul Carruth
(email: carruth.9@osu.edu and website)


Research InterestsOrganization Theory, Economic Sociology, Entrepreneurship, Social Movements, Inequality.
Teaching Interests: Research Methods; Organizational Behavior; Entrepreneurship; Cities, Community, and Regional Development; Crime, Deviance, and Social Control.
Dissertation Title: Institutional Change and Organization Heterogeneity: Social Context and Foundings of Recovered Businesses in Argentina.
Advisor: Rachael Dwyer

Lindsey Ibanez
(CV [pdf]; email: ibanez.7@osu.edu and website)


Research Interests: Economic sociology, networks, working poverty & precarity, development .
Teaching Interests: Research methods, poverty, social problems, global and transnational sociology.
Dissertation Title: The Reputation Game: Searching for Low-Wage Work in Urban Nicaragua.
Advisor: Steven Lopez

Lindsey Myers
(CV [pdf]; email: myers.1100@osu.edu and website)

Research and Teaching Interests: Crime and Social Control, Stratification/Inequality, Political Sociology
Dissertation Title: "Is There a Trade-Off Between Institutions of Social Control? A Quantitative Analysis of the Relationship between the Criminal Justice and Mental Health Systems."
Advisor: Dave Jacobs


Michelle Oyakawa
(CV [pdf]; email: obinna.1@osu.edu and website)


Research and Teaching Interests: Social Movements, Race/Ethnicity, Religion, Qualitative Methods.
Dissertation Title: Building a Movement in the "Non-Profit Industrial Complex": Community Organizing in the 21st Century


Ryan Scarrow
(Scarrow_CV.pdf; email: rmscarrow@gmail.com)


Research and Teaching Interests: My research specialties are environmental and urban sociology, as well as sociology of science & technology; I have taught and prepared undergraduate courses in social theory, globalization, technology & society, cultural and sports sociology, and environmental sociology.
Dissertation Title: "'Hothouse Flowers: Water, the West, and a New Approach to Urban Ecology"
Advisor: Edward Crenshaw


Emily Shrider
(CV [pdf]; email: shrider.14@osu.edu and website)


Research Interests: Community and Urban; Crime, Deviance and Social Control; Immigration and Migration
Dissertation Title: "A Different Beast: Enforcement, Renewal Strategies, and Immigrants in the Rust Belt"
Advisor: Rachel Dwyer


Jill Yavorsky
(CV [pdf]; email: yavorsky.3@osu.eduwebsite)


Research InterestsGender Stratification, Discrimination and Inequality, Work and Organizations, Family, Stratification, Intersectionality.
Teaching InterestsIntroductory Sociology, Gender, Stratification, Work and Organizations, Sexuality and Society, Family, Research Methods and Statistics, Contemporary Social Theory
Dissertation Title“Gender Biases and Inequality: An Audit Analysis Investigating Employer Hiring Discrimination and Occupational Segregation”
Advisor: Vincent Roscigno and Rachel Dwyer

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