About the Program

Today, sociologists are tackling an array of challenging problems. Our topics are diverse, our research activities many. Whether we are studying how globalization impacts the environment, how peers impact adolescent's risk taking behaviors, or why poverty has such devastating consequences for health and wellbeing, we are asking questions, collecting and analyzing data, and advancing knowledge on an infinite array of questions critical to societies. 
Together graduate students and faculty in our department examine ideas about gender inequality, population change, global politics, crime, population and health, families, race relations and much more. We invite you to explore all the exciting advantages we offer in the Department of Sociology at The Ohio State University. Our research facilities are among the finest in the country and our faculty and graduate students conduct cutting edge research and publish books and articles in top journals in the field.
Committed to providing the best graduate training possible, the Department of Sociology at Ohio State emphasizes a thorough grounding in the core areas of sociology, including theory, methods, and statistics. This solid foundation allows our students the opportunity to contribute to research projects that are among the most innovative in the country, while promoting the pursuit of their individual interests in sociology.
Approximately 65 graduate students from across the country and around the world are pursuing their doctoral degree in sociology at Ohio State. Most of our graduates obtain teaching and research positions at colleges and universities. Others choose careers in government, business, and research organizations.
At Ohio State, students have access to the extensive research facilities and support services of a large university while benefiting from the high degree of personal attention and student interaction usually found only in much smaller departments. Graduate classes are small and cover a wide range of research and theoretical issues. Our department fosters an environment that encourages intellectual exchange among its graduate students and faculty inside the classroom and out.
As a large and well-balanced department, we provide excellent opportunities for training in some of the major areas of sociology. We are best known for our scholarship and training in four broad areas: 
Comparative Social Change   
Crime and Community 
Gender, Race, Work, and Inequality
Population, Health, and Life Course 
The Department has close linkages with several research centers on campus.  In fact, faculty members in our department lead the Institute for Population Research, the Criminal Justice Research Center and the Mershon Center for International Security Studies.  These centers offer additional hubs of intellectual activity and support for individual research. I invite you to peruse our website to learn more about our community!
Kammi Schmeer
Director of Graduate Studies