The significance of education for many other outcomes is beyond dispute. Schools are a key institution for the reproduction of inequality (according to class, race, and gender). One major stream of research examines the emergence of disparities in school performance at young ages, focusing on the interplay of family background and school environment. Other research examines disparities in educational attainment at the secondary and, especially, college level, with particular attention to the growing female advantage in completion of college degrees. Research on the sociology of education at Ohio State is methodologically eclectic - both qualitative and quantitative - and some of this research adopts comparative and historical perspectives. The question of whether, and to what extent, schools exacerbate or attenuate socioeconomic inequality in the U.S. is a prevailing concern throughout this body of research.


Claudia Buchmann, Professor
Doug Downey, Professor
Rachel Dwyer, Associate Professor
Vincent Roscigno, Professor