Undergraduate Student Spotlights

Oyinda Bola-Sociology (2018)

Why did you decide to major in sociology?

Middle school social studies courses, PBS documentaries, and museum visits were all influential in my decision to be a sociology major.

What is your favorite subject in Sociology/Criminology?

My favorite subject in sociology is studying black womanhood. And using the information I have learned in the classroom to think about our position in American society. Specifically, Intersectionality Theory, which has origins outside of sociology but is also tied to Patricia Hill Collins and "Black Feminist Thought" is of great interest to me. I like learning how and why black women are studied within sociology, stereotypes, and our response in terms of scholarship and activism. I'm a big fan of critical theory and its role in complicating my thoughts.

What do you plan to do after graduating from Ohio State?

I plan on applying to and attending a sociology graduate program within three years of graduating. And immediately being employed as a research assistant for a university or think tank. Undergrad has been pretty structured and time/energy consuming (and fun and rewarding!) for me so I would like a year to "do whatever".

One interesting fact about yourself.

The hospital I was born in was painting at the time of my birth. And so when my mom and I returned home she realized that I had what seemed to be white paint in my hair. She washed my newborn hair numerous times to remove the paint, but it wasn’t paint; I have a random blonde patch in my hair (kinda like having freckles or dimples- genetics). I still get compliments today on that blonde patch!

Paige Wilt-Criminology (2018)

Why are you interested in Sociology/Criminology?

I have always had a special interest in the criminal justice system from a young age. I find it fascinating to learn about human behavior. I found my passion in researching crime and decided I definitely wanted a career helping innocent victims of crimes. I have a special interest in giving a voice to the voiceless victims of crime - children. I am also interested in special populations other than children, such as women, the elderly, the LGBTQQ community, mental health populations and marginalized racial groups. I want to be able to advocate for different populations who are silenced by the majority and/or do not understand how to access resources in the criminal justice system due to age or language barriers. Change is needed in the criminal justice system, and I hope to be a part of that change. 

What is your favorite subject?

My two favorite subjects in are police work and learning about how children experience the criminal justice system - both as perpetrators of crime and as victims of crime. 

What do you plan to do after graduating from Ohio State?

After I graduate in December, I will be attending a police academy to become a police officer in the state of Ohio. Eventually, I hope to become a police detective. 

One interesting fact about yourself.

I received my first college degree at 18 years old.